sorted. blog

I am not a natural-born writer but, just like all of us, I have stories to tell.

I created the sorted. blog as a space to share my journey: the trials, triumphs, and reality of maintaining order in a world of constant activity and change. My hope is to inspire others, through my musings on organizing, minimalism, and mindfulness, to believe (as I do) that making changes in our physical and mental space and forming new habits around these changes magnifies the greater purpose of our lives.

How many times have you gone to clean your home only to spend the majority of your time tidying up
As the owner of your own business, the boundaries between personal and private life can and do bleed into one
Remember those paint by number kits we used to have as a kid. They were fun and easy paint projects
A well organized and decluttered kitchen will vastly improve the functionality of your cooking space. By implementing the tips and
It is the middle of winter, short frigid days and long dark nights. I find myself lighting the candles, wrapping
Do you find yourself continually arguing with family members over the clutter in your living room? Rest assured, you are
Everywhere we look there are items we can declutter from our homes. Pick an item a day, or go room
Is your smartphone smarter than you? Why are we so addicted to dependent on our smartphones? Why is it such an important
The Halloween jack-o-lanterns have just begun to rot and we are already making lanterns for Sint Maarten, anticipating Sinterklaas' arrival
A few years back, I managed and coordinated the IT needs for a consultancy. My colleagues would ring me up
I have always been a collector of information: useful websites, magazine and newspaper articles or potential future travel itineraries. My
How often are you prompted for your password in a week? Too many to count, right? And how often do
I am all too familiar with digital clutter. While I have a neatly organized storage box, with clearly labeled and
Time is a measurement we constantly strive to manage. We often take the receiving end perspective and consider how the