Five universal frustrations in the home

Do you find yourself continually arguing with family members over the clutter in your living room? Rest assured, you are not alone. IKEA’s 2017 Life at Home report reveals that the living room is what nearly 48% of families with children under the age of seven argue most about.
Since 2014 IKEA’s team of home researchers has been producing an annual Life at Home report. Their research takes them into the homes of thousands of individuals around the globe, across all demographics and the findings are used to help IKEA develop products that create a better life for ourselves.
What else has IKEA learned about us this year?
  • 49% of arguments stem from our different perspectives on what a “mess” actually is
  • 44% of us say that clearing out gives us a great sense of relief
  • 21% of us fear starting home projects in case we can’t finish
  • 23% of us feel stressed because we don’t know what to keep
  • 17% of all arguments in the home stem from people intruding on other people’s space
More than 50% of us feel proud, peaceful or joyful when we think about our homes. What keeps the rest of us from feeling total satisfaction in our homes are the same frustrations we face regardless of where we live in the world.
IKEA’s five universal frustrations:
  • we have a hard time decluttering, we want less stuff, but have a complicated emotional attachment to our stuff
  • my space, your space & our space are hard to define within the home
  • we struggle to stay mentally present at home; technology & work get in the way
  • we have trouble balancing the good & bad side of technology
  • we want our homes to be finished, we are paralyzed by where to start, but the best homes are a continual work in progress and will never be finished
When you look around your home do you see unfinished projects?  What you need is the help of a professional organizer, a person who can:
  • help you see the big picture
  • clear your space of clutter and unnecessary distractions
  • focus on the right priorities for your family and home
  • find more effective organizing solutions
If you are struggling to decide where to start, Melissa, a professional organizer, can help. Whether it be addressing clutter, storage inefficiencies or preparing for a move or renovation, Melissa will work with you to find the solutions that work best for you and your home so that you can move forward.
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