I consider my little family modern-day minimalists, but we certainly do not live in a stark and empty home. We aspire to live without excess, to purchase items for necessity or those that we hope will bring us the most enjoyment and comfort. But we also live in the real world and that means we need “stuff.” We know this “stuff” can give us short-term happiness but does not always bring us true fulfillment. By consciously choosing what enters our home and minimizing items when they are past their most efficient and useable moment we spend less time managing our stuff and more time enjoying our home as a family.

Don’t get me wrong-having a tidy home doesn’t make me perfect (and it’s not always tidy). We are a young family that is growing, evolving and learning. What we hope is simply that our space not inhibit us from becoming the best possible versions of ourselves as we can as parents, children, students, colleagues and citizens of the world.

Below are books, websites, blogs and apps that have inspired, taught and helped shape who I am. I am always looking for new inspiration.

What inspires you? Share it with me.