101 Things to Declutter

Everywhere we look there are items we can declutter from our homes. Pick an item a day, or go room by room. If you are looking for inspiration use this list of 101 Things to Declutter starting today. Grab a bag (that’s #1 on the list, you’ve already begun) and start filling it with all the items you no longer need, love or are past their usefulness date. Consider what you can give to someone you know, donate or recycle; the rest gets tossed in the garbage bin.

  1. Excess (plastic & paper) shopping bags
  2. Old blankets & bedding
  3. Excess bedsheets; two sets per bed is enough
  4. Hair accessories you don’t use, especially those outstretched hair elastics
  5. Jewelry you don’t wear; missing the matching earring?
  6. Broken watches
  7. Underwear, socks, tights, and bras that are stretched out or have holes
  8. Keys without a matching lock
  9. Threadbare bath towels
  10. Toys & Games your children have outgrown/played
  11. Stuffed animals no longer loved
  12. Puzzles with missing pieces
  13. Old agendas & notebooks
  14. Outdated calendars
  15. Store catalogues
  16. Extra buttons that came with a clothing purchase
  17. Used envelopes and old flyers
  18. Storage containers without a matching lid
  19. Old mobile phones
  20. Name badges & lanyards from conferences
  21. Kitchen magnets
  22. Old invitations
  23. Exercise equipment collecting dust
  24. Gifts you don’t like
  25. DVDs you don’t watch
  26. VHS tapes (who still owns a VCR?)
  27. Extra key chains
  28. Receipts from the supermarket
  29. Dried up glue containers
  30. Cookbooks you never cook out of
  31. Boxes your electronics came in
  32. Scarves you never wear
  33. Belts that don’t fit
  34. Shoes that pinch
  35. Shoes you never wear/are old
  36. Promotional t-shirts
  37. Books you will probably never read
  38. Chipped dishes
  39. Decorative serving wear you never serve food in
  40. Alcohol you’ve never opened & won’t drink
  41. Appliance/electronic manuals (you can view these online)
  42. Toiletries you will never use
  43. Abandoned (art) projects
  44. Excess coffee mugs, how many do you need?
  45. Apps you don’t use on your phone or tablet
  46. Leftover paint you’ll never use again
  47. Your child’s artwork (keep the ones you love)
  48. Cords & cables to things you no longer own
  49. Duplicate kitchen items
  50. Used up pens & markers
  51. Take out menus
  52. Missing socks
  53. Handbags/Purses you no longer like
  54. Old backpacks
  55. Food & spices that are overdate
  56. Picture frames you no longer like
  57. Luggage you never use (you probably always pack using your favorite piece)
  58. Old to-do lists
  59. Knickknacks/Souvenirs/Home Décor that doesn’t match your style
  60. Small Flash drives/Thumb drives
  61. Computer monitors/keyboards/mouse or computer accessories that are outdated/unused
  62. Miscellaneous nails, screws, and bolts
  63. Perfume/cologne you don’t wear
  64. Old phone contacts, business cards you don’t need, the outdated address book
  65. Paper, plastic, glass containers collected – time to recycle
  66. Broken electronics & appliances
  67. Scrap paper
  68. Excess flower vases
  69. Garden pots you don’t use
  70. Wire hangers
  71. Plastic around dry-clean items
  72. Old newspapers & clippings
  73. Old magazines
  74. Old school books
  75. Expired medicine
  76. Dried up nail polish
  77. Office Supplies you don’t need or have too much of
  78. Subscriptions to services you no longer need
  79. Cleaning products you tried and don’t like
  80. Used/expired batteries
  81. Burned out or broken lightbulbs
  82. Old glasses/eyeglass cases
  83. Baseball caps & hats no longer worn
  84. Sports equipment you no longer use
  85. Children’s sippy cups and themed dishes they have outgrown
  86. Expired coupons
  87. Scrap fabric, yarn, or wool you will never use
  88. Nearly used up candles
  89. Tax returns more than seven years old
  90. Refills for items you no longer have
  91. Camping equipment (you never go camping anymore)
  92. Leftover party supplies
  93. Cheap plastic hangers from the clothing store
  94. Flat pillows too uncomfortable even for guests
  95. Old dress-up/party costumes
  96. Duplicate photos
  97. Items cluttering your bulletin board
  98. Unused wedding gifts
  99. Old toothbrushes
  100. One glove missing it’s match
  101. Stretched out & faded swimwear

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