5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Organizer

Professional Organizing services have been around for decades, but with help from current trends like minimalism and Marie Kondo, the profession is garnering more media attention. A business service that was once considered for cases of extreme disorder or those with deep pockets to afford the myriad of storage elements, there is a case for nearly every home, in every economic bracket, to benefit from the advice and assistance of a professional organizer. Depending on the time you are willing to invest and the scale of your project, there is an organizing service to fit your budget. Here are just five ways in which an organizer can help you live a more organized life.

Moving: The average American will move up to 12 times in their lifetime, a German perhaps 3-4 and the Brits about six times before the age of 45. The upheaval of a move creates an enormous amount of stress for anyone. Planning and organizing a move requires extra energy and time we may not have in our already busy lives. From searching for our new home, arranging movers, turning on and off services and packing/unpacking, this becomes an extra project to manage during our non-working hours. A professional organizer can assist with anything and everything from logistics to action-plans. Ask yourself the following questions: Where do I begin with packing? Do I have space in my new place for all our stuff? Is it more affordable to move this item or sell it and replace it in my new home? If you answered “I don’t know” then you could use the services of a Professional Organizer. 

Hobbies: From sewing and painting to reading and cycling, nearly everyone has stuff related to their hobby. Depending on our available time and dedication to our hobby we may acquire items faster than we can manage how to properly store them. Or perhaps your lifestyle keeps changing and hobbies that were once important have been replaced by newer hobbies. What happens with what you’ve collected but no longer use? Are you giving your collection pride of place in your home? Do you have the space to keep your hobby items accessible? Or do you wish you had more time to invest in your hobby but space is limited? A professional organizer can assess your needs and advise on space and storage to maximize your hobby 

Seasonal stuff: Camping gear, holiday decorations, off-season clothing and sports gear, just to name a few of the items you could be storing. Is your shed, storage unit, attic or basement bursting at the seams? Do you waste hours hunting through stacks of boxes for a specific item? Do you have to nearly empty the space in order to access the one box you need? Would you rather spend money on buying a new item rather than diving into your storage? A professional organizer can help you sort, store, and maintain an efficient storage space for your seasonal items. 

Selling a Home: A potential buyer’s first impression of your home is critical; they need to picture themselves living in your home. Buyers are looking for open, clean spaces and (the potential for) good storage. How you present your home will also affect the potential asking and/or selling price. A cluttered home leaves the potential buyer to wonder how well the home has been maintained. Too many personal items distract the buyer from seeing themselves moving in. De-cluttering and pre-packing give you a head-start on your move after your home is sold. A professional organizer can help de-clutter and style your home for potential buyers.   

Household administration: Documents, bills, pay stubs, tax forms; we all have stacks of papers or digital documents we need to manage. Living half-way between a paper and paperless environment raises questions about what financial and other personal documentation still need to be kept, and for how long. Every day new documents are created and sent to us to action, read or file. Finding a system that works for you is essential for keeping the paper and digital clutter at bay. A professional organizer can help you find a solution and system that works for you. 

If you are ready to explore the benefits of working with a professional organizer to find more space, focus and time contact sorted.by Melissa. I want to help you live a more organized life. Let’s get you sorted.