Keep Your Balance

Recently I shared with a friend that my karma seemed to be out of sorts. I had suffered several mishaps over the last few weeks and I was wondering when an end would come. After patiently listening to my list of mishaps: broken mobile screen, miss booked tour, over-charge from a defective parking app and two “lost” public transport passes, my friend reassured me it wasn’t my karma — I was out of balance. All these mishaps were occurring because I was neglecting to take care of myself properly.

Her assessment was spot-on.

I’m an organized person with my to-do lists, events properly scheduled with all the details in my agenda and a handful of apps at my disposal to short-cut tasks. But I had (inadvertently) over-scheduled myself with too many responsibilities that I was opening myself up for mishaps to occur.

My schedule was lacking space between the events and commitments to recover and prepare accordingly. In the rush to grab & go, a mobile not securely tucked away will fall in transit and break. Neglecting to return items to their proper home results in a frantic search, lost time and lateness. In haste, entrusting responsibility in an app without double checking leaves you with a heavy parking fee.

Organizing systems will only work well when we also create healthy habits around our systems. It was a lesson hard learned, but in the end worth it. The moment I stood still and reflected upon my situation mishaps stopped occurring. I’ve gone back to scheduling days off or catch-up days and reducing the number of appointments one could squeeze into a day. I’m finding my balance again.

If you find yourself out of balance, an over-scheduled agenda or never-ending to-do list contact MelissaI can help you find more space, focus and time

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