sorted. blog

I am not a natural-born writer but, just like all of us, I have stories to tell.

I created the sorted. blog as a space to share my journey: the trials, triumphs, and reality of maintaining order in a world of constant activity and change. My hope is to inspire others, through my musings on organizing, minimalism, and mindfulness, to believe (as I do) that making changes in our physical and mental space and forming new habits around these changes magnifies the greater purpose of our lives.

I spent years frustrated and annoyed by my own nagging: “brush your teeth”, “put away your school bag”, “get dressed”,
Maintaining a home is about so much more than keeping the bricks and mortar in shape, or making sure the
I consider one of my hobbies cooking, and I take pleasure in making a meal my family and friends will
Like the ubiquitous medicine cabinet, we all want to know what’s in each other’s shopping carts. How much do my
The French term it la rentrée, a reference to early September, when school sessions start again, the return from our
Every day from the moment we wake we make thousands of decisions. From when to get out of bed, to
The halfway mark of the year is always hectic in our home. We have a month long celebration of birthdays,
The rain jackets and scarves might not be saying summer near my home, but my summer destination is forecasted to
For the last year the corner on an upper-floor of our home has become a dumping ground. Before it was
Professional Organizing services have been around for decades, but with help from current trends like minimalism and Marie Kondo, the profession is
Recently I shared with a friend that my karma seemed to be out of sorts. I had suffered several mishaps
On one recent evening, the NPO's "TV Show" and "Kruispunt" both featured the Tiny House trend's appearance in the Netherlands.
Autumn is officially here!  You can feel the crispness in the morning air, watch the leaves falling from the trees,
It’s officially autumn and summer is now as far away as it will ever be. What’s left are the memories