sorted. blog

I am not a natural-born writer but, just like all of us, I have stories to tell.

I created the sorted. blog as a space to share my journey: the trials, triumphs, and reality of maintaining order in a world of constant activity and change. My hope is to inspire others, through my musings on organizing, minimalism, and mindfulness, to believe (as I do) that making changes in our physical and mental space and forming new habits around these changes magnifies the greater purpose of our lives.

Vacation Rules! My sister has a quirky set of vacation rules. Consume pork products, take a daily nap, go braless
Living half-way between a paper and paperless environment raises questions about what financial and other personal documentation still needs to
This week Facebook rolled out new emoji icons for mobile users, adding six alternative responses to the classic “Like,” thumbs-up.
These interruptions wear me down, disrupt my flow and leave me continuously asking myself, "Now what was I just doing?".
We all love bags but, here at the dawn of 2016, I think it's safe to say most of us
I encountered Mindfulness, Minimalism and Marie Kondo, three pillars that ultimately, after months spent first healing my physical self, brought
Is there anyone out there who enjoys doing laundry? Truth be told, I don't completely detest it:  there’s something quite
Routines, and their subsequent habits, are necessary for our brain to predict our future actions.
I just went to order my holiday groceries and, wouldn’t you know, all the delivery slots are full! Guess this
In the United States, my native land, the slow march towards Christmas begins as soon as the Halloween trick-or-treat-ers lay
It’s that time of year again: the influx of toys, candy and treats into our home, and into the eager