“My home has transformed from endless to do list to a place where I can sit back and enjoy after a day of work, not thinking what I have to do next. It also helps that we do not have to run and hide mess when the doorbell unexpectedly rings. And my kitchen is such a joy now to work in!”


“We called in Melissa to sort out my husband’s office. Melissa had no hesitation in rummaging through cupboards and boxes to sort with precision and expertise. Melissa was able to deal with a complex technical inventory and separate the obsolete from the useful. she brought a breath of fresh air to a business which had been bursting out of its office space for 15 years.”


“Melissa helped me sort out and organize two rooms at my place. She helped me think outside of the box. I especially like how she sees a space (that I could do nothing with) and then thinks of really cool ways of utilizing it. Treat yourself, it is so totally worth it!”

“I am not only decluttering my office and home, I am decluttering my [mental] blocks about creating the space I want.”

“Melissa is awesome! She is calm and centered and helped prioritize my organizing project. We got straight into action, and she helped me re-focus when I got stuck. Melissa is kind, clear and lovely to be with – I recommend her highly!

“The day after our organizing session when I woke up it felt as if a fairy visited my kitchen leaving trails of order and creating much sought after s-p-a-c-e.”


“I would recommend Melissa in a heartbeat! Within no time I felt very easy around her. One must not underestimate how personal and private this process is. She understands that fully!


“With a few simple changes, that I wouldn’t have thought of, Melissa drastically improved my home organization. For the first time in years, I’m finishing paperwork, planning ahead, saving time and energy and enjoying it all! Thank you sorted for helping this disorganized SAHM get organized.”


“After our session, I was even more motivated to get organized! Melissa gave me several very useful insights, as well as many valuable tips. The session was well worth the money. I’d recommend it to anyone.”


“I am so happy I contacted you. After working four mornings with you my whole house feels and looks better, it turned from overwhelm to presentable. In a few hours a realtor is coming to start the process of selling my house and I do not feel stressed or embarrassed. Thanks for helping me to get here.”