Household Fixes

Maintaining a home is about so much more than keeping the bricks and mortar in shape, or making sure the plumbing and paint are in top order. A home should be a safe space where stress dissolves and peace descends, where we can enjoy the benefits of what our hard work has earned us, where we can entertain family and friends and celebrate the special moments in our lives. All too often, though, there is something standing between us and the enjoyment of our home, and looking around causes our stress-levels to rise, not fall. Why?

When you look around your home do you see unfinished projects or small household fixes that you’ve noticed but avoided dealing with? Have you been meaning to start a renovation, large or small, but don’t know where to start? Would you like to have guests around more often but feel embarrassed by the piles of stuff lying around your home? Do you dream about hiring a professional cleaner but won’t do it until you’ve first “cleaned the place up a little”?

What you need is the help of a professional organizer, a person who can:

  • help you see the big picture
  • clear your space of clutter and unnecessary distractions
  • focus on the right priorities for your family and home
  • find more effective organizing solutions

If you are struggling to decide where to start, Melissa, a professional organizer, can help. Whether it be addressing clutter, storage inefficiencies or preparing for a move or renovation, Melissa will work with you to find the solutions that work best for you and your home so that you can move forward.

We are all busy people in a busy world. Organizing our home and workspace is so much more important than we realize: often the simplest solutions lead to emotional, practical, and even fiscal clarity. You may not notice that leaking tap, that blistering paint until you take the time to organize the bathroom or clean-out the closet.

TIP: Organizing projects can be overwhelming. Start small. Pick one drawer, shelf or box and sort through your items. Dispose of, donate or re-home the items. Enjoy the satisfaction of organizing a small space and vow to do it again before the week is out. Before you know it you’ll be well on your way to a major overhaul.

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