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Yay, the Summer Holiday is here! Ah, the lazy days of summer (for a kid). For parents, it means entertaining & feeding them.  We’re confronted the whole day long with messy bedrooms and cluttered living rooms.

Their toys are everywhere; I’m constantly tripping over them!
Let’s sort & organize their play area(s).

They’ve grown another five centimeters!
Let’s sort through their clothes & shoes to determine what they need. We’ll then get their closets & dressers back in order.

Reading is great, but the bookshelves are overflowing!
Let’s make room on the shelves to motivate fun summer reading.

My kids are artists, but what do I do with all their artwork!
We’ll tackle their copious amounts of artwork, determine what to keep & why then get it organized.

I’m always arguing with my teen to clean-up their room!
I’ll work with your teen to help them find systems that work for them and stop you nagging.

The days will feel long but the time will be short before their return to start yet another new school year. Get a head-start by booking a Summer Clear-out Organizing Session. A powerful two-and-a-half hour session for €150 with a professional organizer who will help you declutter your child or teens room, ensuring everything has its own space, returning calm and order to your home.

Book now, for sessions available between 24 July – 1 September.

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